Wednesday, January 21, 2009

80 and beyond

I moonkinned my way to 80 having a blast. Went resto for raiding. I'll be a chicken again when dual specs come out, don't worry.

I wanted a post to keep track of my prof progress sooooo:

I am currently 440 JC with the following rare cuts:

Rigid Autumn's Glow (16 Hit)
Brilliant Autumn's Glow (16 Int)
Dazzling Forest Emerald (8 Int, 3MP5)
Seer's Forest Emerald (8 Int, 8 Spi)
Bold Scarlet Ruby (16 str)
Fractured Scarlet Ruby (16 Armor Pen)
Subtle Scarlet Ruby (32 AP)
Accurate Monarch Topaz (8 Expertise, 8 Hit)
Glinting Monarch Topaz (8 Agi, 8 Hit)
Fierce Monarch Topaz (8 Haste, 8 Str)
Pristine Monarch Topaz (16 AP, 8 Hit)
Veiled Monarch Topaz (9 Spellpower, 8 Hit)
Sparkling Sky Sapphire (16 Spi)
Balanced Twilight Opal (16 AP, 12 Sta)

Austere Earthsiege Diamond (32 Sta, 2% increased armor)
Bracing Earthsiege Diamond (25 spellpower, 2% reduced threat)
Eternal Earthsiege Diamond (21 Def, 5% shield block)
Persistent Earthsiege Diamond (42 AP, 10% reduction in stun time)
Powerful Earthsiege Diamond (32 stam, 10% reduction in stun time)
Swift Skyflare Diamond (42 AP, minor run speed bonus)
Tireless Skyflare Diamond (25 spellpower, minor run speed bonus)

I am also 415 Enchanting and have all patterns up to that, no high end patterns yet.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm back, Baby!

Well, the hiatus was a bit longer than expected. I ended up picking up a copy of AoC and then Vanguard, SoH and let my WoW sub slip. While AoC was boring for me and held me for about a week and a half, i spent a good three months playing vanguard.

What eventually drew me back was the rumor of the Moonkin changes happening in Wrath, and boy oh boy was I glad to come back. Post patch 3.0.2, this spec is too much fun to describe - the Moonkin mechanic for mana return on crits, typhoon, hurricane without a cooldown, eclipse, 5k starfires (in my crappy just hit 70, containing some green item gear)-- I mean, what more could a big hariy turkey ask for????

so, while not technically going to be posting all that much, I will be a bit more active on this board.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Boomkin Explained

Found this on the US forums - I had to post it here. :)


What is a Boomkin? Is it similar to a Moonkin? Does for the form even exist? I mean, I saw this funny WoW video with a "Boomkin" in it, but that was all. What's a Boomkin?


Its a more evolved form of a Moonkin. A Moonkin goes through different stages in its life.

Noobkin: This is the first form of Moonkin. Its new to the spec and generally doesn't know much. Its life in this stage can be short as most don't live past it. Moonfire is the preferred spell.

Oomkin: In this form the Moonkin is still new but knows little of actual mana management and gearing and thus don't last long in battle. Moonfire is the preferred spell.

Moonkin: This is the adult stage. It is able to use its abilities to its fullest potential.

After Moonkin it can advance to a new stage in life. Where it chooses a specialty in what it does. The choices are as fallowed.

Boomkin: These guys are psycho!!!! They enjoy big crits and big explosive damage. Very unpredictable in battle they prefer starfire as it shows the highest crits possible to a Moonkin.

Panzerkin: These guys focus on armor and stamina. Charging through enemy legions as they blast things to oblivion they are near invincible. The do however have little offensive ability. Moonfire as favored spell.

Doomkin: Deadly and precise. They can do more damage then any other Moonkin type. Preferring steady and predictable yet high blasting abilities they are deadly to all enemies. Preferred spell is wrath.

After this stage there is still one more. Infinitely stronger than the other forms they are incredibly strong. Legendary in power.

Space Chicken!!!!!!: These are a deadly combo of all the previous forms. Well balanced in all manners they can be nearly unstoppable. It is only legend however as very few have been known to exist. Moonkin are like an iron cannon as a mage is like a glass cannon. An iron cannon can take a sword to its side easily but when hit by fire from the glass cannon it will melt.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Two-three week hiatus coming up. I am a law student, and its finals time.

See you all in May.

hopefully I will get enough time in game to hit 62-63 and start running the coilfang instances.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend fun

So I spent the majority of my time this weekend in game swtiching professions so that I can make the most oru of my BC experience.

I leveld up Engineering to 361 and in so doing go myself a pair of Moon Magnified Specs and threw a Chaotic Skyfire Diamond and a Glowing Nightseye in.

That item is godly for a 62 - total states are now:

326 Armor
+28 Stamina
+24 Intellect
Crit- 53
Damage- 60
3% Increased Critical Damage
Stealth Detection and Gas Cloud Detection


Also added the Goblin Rocket Launcher to my arsenal. :evil

Also dropped enchanting which was sitting at 270 or so and about to eat a lot of funds if I was to progress it and picked up skinning. Leveled skinning to 295 ina bout 2.5 hours and hearthed back to HP. Ready to farm up skins in order to level Leatherworking as soon as I hit 70 and make the Windhawk Set.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Gear Progression

Cameron over at Random Battle pointed out yesterday a nice little posting by blues stating that gear progression in WotLK will be much smoother than the debacle that was BC.

Quoth Bornakk: Players and items will have an increase in their stats/items that goes along with leveling to 80, it will just be a little more consistent when compared to The Burning Crusade. What I mean by this is the way items are working right now will be closer to the new items you get in Wrath of the Lich King and it isn't like you will see an item with double the usual amount of stamina from your first quest.

Now - this got me thinking. Remember how fun it is to get a nice shiny new piece of armor? Well I do, because it happened last night. My Druid is 60 now, and leveling in Outlands. I took a long hiatus from wow and returned to a new server with new toons and this is the first time I have been in Outlands since about September of last year. I was in Ramparts and our group basically had a healing set drop - I was healing, so I got four blue pieces - not purples, just blues, but they were there first true to life dungeon upgrades I had gotten in a while and it felt good.

Now - this is why I didn't do Strat, Scholo, UBRS, LBRS, or ZG, AQ BWL or Ony on my new character - because the minute I hit 60 and went to outlands instances, the gear far outpaced what I could have go there. Hell,. At 60 I now have 4k life, 6k mana and 275 spelldamage with 400 healing. That is great by old world standards and I am not even through half of the quests in HP.

The fact that gear progression will not be so dramatic and staggered will keep some of the "old" content useful - there is a reason people will want to keep going back to the raid level stuff from BC, say you can 5 man Kara at 75 and probably still get a few upgrades.Or 10 man SSC, - you get the picture - the content will still be seen.

I for one love the idea of it. Cool content should not be abandoned. I ran BRD all the way through before I moved on to Outlands and remembered what a freaking cool, huge, and fun instance that was.

In all the time I have played this game here is what I have not yet seen - Any and all heroics. Any and all raid instances. DM, UBRS, Scholo, BWL, ZG, AQ20, AQ40, SV, SH, hell, I have never even been beyond Terrokar forest on my old server - so you get the idea. Even though I have been playing since launch, I am a newb at endgame. I don't want to have to bypass the stuff that was endgame in BC just because the crap drops in Northrend will be as good as SSC gear. And now I won;'t have to. :)

Cameron at Random Battle had another great idea to keep older content fresh that I thought was excellent- go back and create Heroic instances for each 5 man in the old world. It would not be that hard, update some gear and increase the level of the trash mobs, then you would only need some minor tweaking on the boss fights to bring them up to par with the current difficulty levels. You may not even need to update the loot - people would have fun running them for badges alone.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Moonkin Enchants by Slot and Gemming Guide

These are the best enchants, per slot, for a Moonkin:

Helm - Glyph of Power
Cloak - Subtlety
Chest - Enchant Mana Prime
Bracers - Spellpower
Gloves - Spellpower; alternatively - if you are not hit capped, then get 15 spellhit
Legs - Runic Spellthread
Boots - Vitality
Weapon - Major Spellpower; an alternative enchant for the weapon is spellsurge if you have Mp5 issues (should be using consumables for Mp5 though)

Gems (Gem for hit until capped if possible, then damage)

Yellow sockets should be veiled noble topaz.
Red sockets should be either veiled noble topaz or living rubies.
Blue sockets, if the socket bonus is worth it, should be glowing nightseyes.

Obviously as I am leveling, I will be using much less expensive enchants and gems until 70.

Questions? Comments? Buehler?