Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend fun

So I spent the majority of my time this weekend in game swtiching professions so that I can make the most oru of my BC experience.

I leveld up Engineering to 361 and in so doing go myself a pair of Moon Magnified Specs and threw a Chaotic Skyfire Diamond and a Glowing Nightseye in.

That item is godly for a 62 - total states are now:

326 Armor
+28 Stamina
+24 Intellect
Crit- 53
Damage- 60
3% Increased Critical Damage
Stealth Detection and Gas Cloud Detection


Also added the Goblin Rocket Launcher to my arsenal. :evil

Also dropped enchanting which was sitting at 270 or so and about to eat a lot of funds if I was to progress it and picked up skinning. Leveled skinning to 295 ina bout 2.5 hours and hearthed back to HP. Ready to farm up skins in order to level Leatherworking as soon as I hit 70 and make the Windhawk Set.


Softi said...

Gratz on the new head piece :)

The Windhawk set is great - I have yet to replace it and will be sad to see it go when I do.

Here's a lil link for ya -

just incase you want to add the tooltip type thing you see on a lot of blogs these days ;)

Ursine said...

Thanks! Updated and looking better. :)

Terroxian said...

Thanks for the great tips! Please keep them coming as you discover them.

I'm a very casual gamer (non-raider) so I was excited to see the windhawk set that you posted. Now that primal nethers are non-BOP, I can make the set for myself as its really my best hope for some purple goodies. I plan on dropping herb and keeping alch so I can continue my master transmutes each day. Its crazy how expensive all the leathers are nowadays but I don't have time to farm my own so to the AH I go!