Thursday, April 24, 2008

Boomkin Explained

Found this on the US forums - I had to post it here. :)


What is a Boomkin? Is it similar to a Moonkin? Does for the form even exist? I mean, I saw this funny WoW video with a "Boomkin" in it, but that was all. What's a Boomkin?


Its a more evolved form of a Moonkin. A Moonkin goes through different stages in its life.

Noobkin: This is the first form of Moonkin. Its new to the spec and generally doesn't know much. Its life in this stage can be short as most don't live past it. Moonfire is the preferred spell.

Oomkin: In this form the Moonkin is still new but knows little of actual mana management and gearing and thus don't last long in battle. Moonfire is the preferred spell.

Moonkin: This is the adult stage. It is able to use its abilities to its fullest potential.

After Moonkin it can advance to a new stage in life. Where it chooses a specialty in what it does. The choices are as fallowed.

Boomkin: These guys are psycho!!!! They enjoy big crits and big explosive damage. Very unpredictable in battle they prefer starfire as it shows the highest crits possible to a Moonkin.

Panzerkin: These guys focus on armor and stamina. Charging through enemy legions as they blast things to oblivion they are near invincible. The do however have little offensive ability. Moonfire as favored spell.

Doomkin: Deadly and precise. They can do more damage then any other Moonkin type. Preferring steady and predictable yet high blasting abilities they are deadly to all enemies. Preferred spell is wrath.

After this stage there is still one more. Infinitely stronger than the other forms they are incredibly strong. Legendary in power.

Space Chicken!!!!!!: These are a deadly combo of all the previous forms. Well balanced in all manners they can be nearly unstoppable. It is only legend however as very few have been known to exist. Moonkin are like an iron cannon as a mage is like a glass cannon. An iron cannon can take a sword to its side easily but when hit by fire from the glass cannon it will melt.


Softi said...

Nice list! I *think* I'm a Doomkin, wrath give more steady output dps wise than the starfire crits... but it is nice to see some 5k+ crits every now and then ;)

Terroxian said...

LOL...I love it!

I guess I'm a boomkin as I love to see those massive crits.

I'd love to see 5K crits...I'm only at 3K...perhaps you are a space chicken in disguise??

I guess it might be an interesting topic for the future to discuss the differences in dps for star and wrath. I primarily use star for the first two shots and then wrath as they get closer to me but I'm only speaking of pve and a few instances here and there (no raiding time avail).

Katie said...

There are a few posts on the general Druid forums about spell rotations.;jsessionid=48002813B0B23396886F8AC6D5584D87.app01_06?topicId=2215646573&sid=1

I tend to use
IS, MF, and then WRx4
which is for dps (damage per second)

for dpm (damage per mana) the rotation is:
IS, MF, and then SFx3

I try to keep Insect Swarm (IS), and Moonfire (MF) on the mob at all times. If I'm the only druid in the 5-man, or the raid, I try to add Faerie Fire (FF) to my rotation.

The only differences are on bosses with immunities. Casting arcane (SF, MF) against bosses like Curator is useless. And casting nature (IS, WR, FF) against bosses like Hydros (while in nature resist form) just gives you a bunch of immunes.

I tend to use wrath more, because of it's shorter cast time and greater mobility. For long fights that don't require much movement starfire is more mana efficient, and should be considered. I'm trying to keep up with our over geared lock, who is our magicial dps officier, so I tend to be a little mana inefficient.

Overall, I'd say I'm somewhere between a Boomkin and a Doomkin. I think I've finally gotten my husband to quit trying to get people to call me a Crit Chicken.

But this is a nice listing to point people to in the future.

Anonymous said...

lol. Def a Boomkin here. I love getting BA crits. Though i use wrath more than i use Starfire just because i wanna get eclipse. Since new patch increases starfire crit chance by 30%!! Brings my crit chance to 51% with Moonfire and FF on (specced to increase crit chance). And i generally hit between 3.6k and 4.1k on starfire and i love dealing out quick 2kish crits with wrath. =) I just hit 70 yesterday and all my gear is blue except for my 2 epic rings from HH.

Anonymous said...

I like the use of the name "Lazer Turkey" :)

Kday said...

I think I'm a Space Chicken..or in between that and a Doomkin. I use wrath depending on which proc is up. My crits on wrath hit for 8-10K. My SF crits are up to 12. I love it.

My guild calls me "BB" for "big bird" it started one night and stuck. :)